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Written by Charlie Alexander


Flash Meets the Orchestra

Charlie Alexander has always been passionate about music. He shares this passion to others, particularly young readers, in Flash Meets the Orchestra. Follow Flash the French Poodle as he delves into the exciting world of music!

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Flash Plays Golf

The world of sports can be a great place to have fun and meet new friends and this is exactly what happens to Flash! The French Poodle enters a golf tournament and finds a friend in everyone he meets! Have fun as Flash Plays Golf!

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Flash Dreams of a Career

Flash enters a dreamworld of all the possibilities he will encounter while trying to choose a career that will offer an adventure around every corner. Find out what happens when Flash Dreams of a Career!

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Flash’s Day on the Farm

There are a lot of things to be done in the farm. There are animals to care for, barns to paint and crops to harvest. Can Flash finish all the work? Find out in Flash’s Day on the Farm!

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Flash Visits Outer Space

Flash goes to where no French poodle has gone before: outer space! What will Flash find out there? For sure there’s gonna be out of this world adventure and fun! All of this waits when Flash Visits Outer Space!

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Flash Finds His Fancy

Author Charlie Alexander shares an interesting and innocent story about puppy love in his new book, Flash Finds His Fancy!

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Flash Goes Trick or Treating

Author Charles Alexander takes the fun in Halloween into the fictional world of Flash, the adventurous poodle in Flash Goes Trick or Treating.

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Flash Goes on a Picnic

Even the ants have a party at Flash’s picnic. All of Flash’s friends, new and old, board the bus for a day filled with fun, adventure, and lots of good food. Archery, bowling, and volleyball offer a day of excitement. And ice-cold watermelon and roasted marshmallows make this a picnic day to be remembered!

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Flash Meets the Dinosaurs

From a giant tortoise to a Stegosaurus, Flash finds new friends who help him find his way back home. Flash was very happy to see Charlie and Becky again, but somehow he knew that meeting the dinosaurs was a dream that had come true!

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Flash Adopts a Puppy

Flash adopts a puppy and names him Cash because of all the change that comes with the responsibilities of a new pet. Flash is a natural teacher and enjoys showing Cash his new home and family. Flash wears a very big smile when he realizes that Cash will now take over his least favorite chore.

Now it will be up to Cash to empty the trash!

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